Liverpool Innovation Precinct - Greater Sydney Planning Award

The Liverpool Health and Academic Precinct is an integral part of the Liverpool Innovation Precinct.

At the third annual Greater Sydney Planning Awards held on 26 June 2019 at the State Library of New South Wales, the Liverpool Innovation Precinct – Western Sydney Business Chamber was successful in the Planning for jobs and skills category. The award acknowledged excellence in planning and recognised outstanding collaborative, innovative and bold initiatives that deliver benefits to the community, the economy and the environment.
The Greater Sydney Commission said of the submission that “The Liverpool Innovation Precinct exemplifies success in a challenging environment. This collaboration is no small feat and the panel acknowledges the concerted efforts made to ensure coordination, effective governance and buy in from all parties in the Precinct.
The Steering Committee’s vision for a health-oriented curriculum stream in schools demonstrates a forward-thinking approach that clearly acknowledges the economic significance of health, education and research in the future of the Western Parkland City.”
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