Spotlight on the brennan unit

(behind) Debbie Allan (front) Dr Tania May
Construction is underway on the first brand new space of the project. The Brennan Unit (Forensics) team are excitedly awaiting completion of their new space, which is scheduled for later this year. This will be the first department to move into its final location as part of main works.

New ceiling examination lights, larger treatment rooms and new ways of working will enhance the flow of operations and patient care.The new unit will also be co-located within the Emergency Department, enabling a more functional environment for patients and staff.

Dr Tania May, Brennan Unit Medical Director, said the team were looking forward to moving into their new space. “We’ve worked closely with the redevelopment team and Emergency Department representatives to redesign and enhance the new department, and we’re really excited to see how it all comes together,” she said.