New kitchen now operational

As part of early works to prepare the hospital for main works construction activities, we’ve created a number of new spaces to accommodate services that need to relocate to enable future demolition.
Key operational services that have recently moved include Mortuary, Human Resources, Work Health and Safety, Injury Management, Acute Care Surgery offices and our volunteers.
We have also commissioned a new kitchen, which was delivered to enable expanded services into the future and support the growing hospital. Now located on the basement level of the clinical services building, the new kitchen has doubled in size, with capacity to plate 700 meals at breakfast, lunch and dinner.
The area also has new equipment installed in food preparation areas and within office spaces, enabling improved efficiency. Acting Sector Manager Food Services, Kerry Garufi, said the new space was a vast change from the previous kitchen area and had been welcomed by the team. “Moving such an important hospital service is not an easy task, and the food services team has embraced the challenge,” she said.